Virtual Private servant (VPS)

If their webpages require more power than a normal lodging but it does not need the power a dedicated servant or simply one cannot be allowed, our VPS are the best solution. Our VPS have their guaranteed resources to assure that their pages load quickly since it is in a servant deprived without sharing it with no other user.

Our servers VPS estan harnessed with technology, that allows us to monitor, to make backup copies and to recover without affecting the yield of its servant at any time obtaining that we can offer robust and strong servers VPS but in the market.

  • VPS-100

  • 1 CPU CORE
  • 40 GB Hard Disco
  • 500 GB Monthly Tranferencia
  • 1 GB Guaranteed Memory
  • 2 GB Burstable Memory
  • 1 IP
  • Root access
  • To buy
  • VPS-200

  • 2 CPU CORE
  • 80 GB Hard Disco
  • 1000 GB Monthly Tranferencia
  • 2 GB Guaranteed Memory
  • 3 GB Burstable Memory
  • 1 IP
  • Root access
  • To buy
  • VPS-300

  • 3 CPU CORE
  • 160 GB Hard Disco
  • 2000 GB Monthly Tranferencia
  • 3 GB Guaranteed Memory
  • 4 GB Burstable Memory
  • 2 IP
  • Root access
  • To buy
  • VPS-400

  • 4 CPU CORE
  • 250 GB Hard Disco
  • 3000 GB Monthly Tranferencia
  • 4 GB Guaranteed Memory
  • 5 GB Burstable Memory
  • 2 IP
  • Root access
  • To buy

Frequent questions?

When I can have my servant once realised the purchase?
All the servers or vps are given within the 12 hours from the moment at which he makes the payment. Normally we gave the servers in less than 12 hours.

Tendre access ROOT (adminitrador) servant?
If. In the case that you prefer to administer its machine we provided the key to him ROOT (Linux) so that you have total freedom of administration with his machine. Vps comes with the operating system Linux Installed.

I can Use my servant for streaming, similar storage and applications?
If. We recommended to him to consider the monthly transference and band width that it has predicted to consume at the time of choosing his servant.

Additional products

  • Cpanel license: $15/mes
  • Directadmin license: -
  • 10 GB of Extra space: -
  • 1 ips additional: $3/mes
  • 2 ips additional: $6/mes
  • Plesk 10 Domains: -